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Before The Dark

by Evening Redness

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Eric Angevine
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Eric Angevine Hey guys, keep on keepin' on during the pandemic!
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12 Steps 03:54
12 Steps I woke up face-down on your floor again. It looks like your patience is nearing the end. Now you’re telling me It’s time to get myself together Or get out and take it somewhere else. So I get up and stumble on out the door. I don’t know who you’re taking me for. I’m not some kind of quitter Who just gives up in the middle And I’m far from done destroying myself. You say it’s just 12 steps to your heart. I’m telling you I can’t go that far. You think putting me in this position Is going to end my run of bad decisions? I’m blacking out and I’m not going to stop. I don’t need you to tell me I’ve lost control. But my higher power left me long ago. I won’t be traveling round, With my hat in my hand, Trying to find a way to make amends. Cause if you really knew this pack of jerks Then you’d know what their forgiveness is worth. There’s too much jealousy and spite To make it worth the fight With this evil bunch that I call friends.
Sylvie 03:39
Sylvie Sylvie works at the post office, Pushing stamps across the counter To the people waiting in line. Sylvie wants out of here. But it’s a dead end town. And she never had the grades. Sylvie made plans. She’s finding her own way to a better life. Sylvie has what it takes. Like a brand-new camera, And not a lot of shame. Sylvie don’t do it. Don’t give it away. Sylvie’s off to the airport With a one-way ticket And a backpack full of dreams. Sylvie’s not looking back. ‘Cause there’s nothing here Gonna’ keep her off that plane. Sylvie don’t do it. Don’t give it away. That’s me on that tape. But you can’t see my face.
O Death 07:49
O Death I have a rope; it’s woven with sorrow. I long for its embrace. Will it hold me close, even tighter still? Will it free me from my pain? They call you a thief in the night. My door is open wide. You don’t need a key. When will you come? When will you come for me? I have a blade; it’s sharpened with grief. I crave its soft caress. Will it find a way to cut this torment free? And drain my hopelessness? I have a gun; it’s loaded with tears. I’m desperate for its kiss. Will the taste be sweet, full of quick relief? And turn my agony to bliss?
Polly 05:26
Polly They call her Polly Amorous. She can’t be tamed. She won’t be caught and caged. She’s left a trail behind Of the broken hearts that call her name. If she picks you for the night, Polly wants some loving. Once she gets what she wants, she’s taking flight. What makes you think you’ll clip those wings, When so many better men than you have tried? Polly knows a caged bird never sings Like one that’s free to be alive. By the time you make that birdhouse in your soul, You’ll never know how far she’s flown.
The Game Is Rigged The captains of industry Don’t care about you & me. They’re only gonna’ bow down to the bottom line. They say the country is a land of opportunity. But they want it all for themselves. The rest is just a lie. It’s a rich man’s world. We’re only living in it. The game is rigged The moment that you’re born. It’s never easy. You’re gonna’ face a fight at every step. Your hopes are on lease And your dreams are not your own. He has Congress on his side; The best friends that cash can buy. If you thought you still had rights Then you don’t understand. You thought you might retire After 30 years on the line. But Wall Street played a reckless game With your pension plan. He’s buying up newspapers and TV stations To tell you to blame your problems on the poor. He makes more in 10 minutes than you did last year, But still he wants some more.
Smile 03:38
Smile Won’t you smile just a little while? Show me you want to be with me. Then smile some more. Say that I make you happy. I haven’t seen you smile For a long long time. Come in close. Whisper in my ear. Fill it all up with sweet nothings. Pull your hips close to mine. Let me feel you breathing. ‘Cause we haven’t been this close For far too long a time. I want to see you smile. Come on show me that smile. It’s like the sun went down, the lights went out, And a permanent gloom fills the room. Won’t you light up the darkness? Please let me see you smile. I’m glad that you’re still here with me, But I gotta know if it’s where you wanna be. Show me that smile.
Planets 06:40
Planets A long brown hair on the pillow Marks the place where you once laid your head. A thousand greater remembrances Greet me at every turn. I tore all the clocks from the walls, And the calendar’s torn to shreds. If I can make time stand still, I can tell myself that you’re not really gone. But the planets still move in the heavens. The tide still rolls every day. It’s like they don’t even know That you took your love away I heard your voice call my name Down the hall from upstairs. I ran to you breathlessly, fast as I could To find an empty room They say that I should move on. Clearly, they’re not aware. There’s no way that my world can turn If I don’t hold on to you.
Bug Off 03:08
Bug Off Don’t bother getting in my way. Just stay out of my business, Try to mind your own. I’m not listening to what you say, Because I’ve heard enough And it’s long past time to go. Now I’m finally going to stand on my own feet. It’s my life; I have learned it belongs to me. So back up, bug off, and get out of my sight. Don’t worry about the mess I’m in. I can only imagine the help you’d offer me. Your credibility is pretty thin, When everything you touch ends up a tragedy. It’s not your place to tell me What you recommend I do. There’s no way I am trying to end up like you. Back up, bug off, get out of my life. There was a time when I’d lose my mind Trying to find a way to please everyone. It was such a waste but it’s not too late To start a new direction of my own. Now maybe you can find your way By the light of the bridges I burn behind me. I’ve had enough of playing safe. Now I may go down, but I won’t go blindly.
Detroit Is Calling Detroit is calling. The wasteland thirsts for industry. Practically a symphony of yearning aching need. Can’t you hear it calling? In syncopated fits and starts? Accidental flats and sharps Of pavements grown with weeds. It’s not for me. No, it’s not for me. Your love is calling. Across the miles I left behind me. Still you try to find a way To restore your vacant heart. I still hear it calling. Drawn across my tempered soul Like a finely wielded bow Through the years we’ve been apart. Those cries can fall on other ears. I’m never coming back. That damage was done a long long time ago. No I’m never coming back.
Not the Word 04:31
Not the Word It’s been many years Since you first moved into my soul, And lay your roots down to the depths within. Now in the warmth of tenderness, You’ve only grown to encircle The heart of what I am. What should I call it? How can I tell you what I feel for you? Because love is not the word For this bond between our bodies and minds. This is something greater. More than four letters can describe. We faced a sea of sorrow Standing side by side. A wave of pain washed our dreams away. But it couldn’t pull us under To drown in the tide. We stood that shore to live another day. What was that courage? Why am I stronger when I’m next to you? This is something more than any word can say. Not some tired old cliché. Don’t call it love. It’s not enough.


released January 15, 2016

Before the Dark
by Evening Redness
Brent Billock - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Aaron Williams - Drums, Vocals
Larry Geiger - Guitar
Greg Greene - Bass on tracks 1 & 3

Drums recorded by Ashley Shepherd at Audiogrotto
Guitars and vocals recorded by Evening Redness

Words & Music by Brent Billock

Mixed by Ric Hordinski at The Monastery
Mastered by Dave Davis at Queen City Audio


all rights reserved



Evening Redness Cincinnati, Ohio

Evening Redness makes melodic rock with heartbreaking vocals and soaring guitar.

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